Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Seattle Weekly

The other alt weekly in Seattle, the Seattle Weekly has had a bunch of my art in it over the years. I particularly enjoyed making this piece fairly recently.

The Phoenix & The Weekly Dig

In Boston I have been fortunate enough to work with both weekly papers, the Boston Phoenix and The Weekly Dig. Although there is only one shown here, I have made probably close to eight or nine covers for the dig since 2004 or so. I have copies,and someday will scan them and get them up here.

The Stranger & The Portland Mercury

The Seattle alternative weekly paper, the Stranger was the first steady illustration job I ever had. Art director at the time Hank Trotter gave me the job of doing an illustration every week for the Police Beat column. It was a great exercise in nailing down concepts and a particular style every week. When I moved to Portland Oregon, I started working with the Portland Mercury, the Strangers sister paper. Making spots like these is one of my favorite kinds of jobs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fox Sports Northwest_animated Mariners spot

I animated four spots for Copacino&Fujikado in Seattle for their client Fox Sports Northwest. I'll post more in a bit.

Poster Designs_Somerville

Two poster designs for events in Somerville Massachusetts

Hasbro_Interactive CLUE game

Below are samples of a massive comic book/strip style story for an interactive version of the classic boardgame CLUE. There's a lot more art for this and I will post it down the road.

Flying Rhino

When I was employed at Flying Rhinoceros Inc. in Portland Oregon, I was a storyboard artist. Once in awhile I could get roped into doing some actual animation. The longish music video piece was one I directed, with copious amounts of assistance of course.